Full control - The whole process - The whole pregnancy

Full control -
The whole process -
The whole pregnancy

Babyscreen® is a newly established Swedish company that offers analyzes and services in early pregnancy and fetal diagnostics, including Vanadis® NIPT.


Are you pregnant? With the help of ultrasound, you can reach what you cannot see with the naked eye, which is a fantastic opportunity for anyone expecting a child.

Our clinics

We have recently opened the doors for
our first clinic in Gothenburg.
Welcome to us!

Work with us

If you represent or wish to start another business in fetal diagnostics, you can join Babyscreen®. 

Vanadis® NIPT - Swedish - now in Sweden

About Us

Our team consists of experienced, certified ultrasound midwives and a specialist in gynecology / obstetrics.

Customer service

If you need help with appointments, have questions about our services or questions regarding your test result
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Scientific articles

Here we have collected reference articles on fetal diagnostics and Vanadis® NIPT.